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About Us :

“You are more powerful than you think; Rise up, Move forward, Unfurl your True Potential!”
Tarun Narwal, the driving force behind the success and happiness of countless many, is an influential transformational and business coach with a proven ability to positively turn around lives. A Certified Directive Communication Facilitator affiliated to the American School of Business Psychology,Tarun incredibly blends science into spirituality to create miraculous results, touching and making a beautiful difference to people along the path. Firm believer of ‘fun while learning to retain the lessons better’, her sessions are interactive, experiential and essentially packed with enjoyable storytelling and anecdotes quoted from real life experiences.

An Arhatic Yogi and practitioner of several modalities of Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Angel Healing, EFT, Pranic Healing and Reiki, he helps his clients sail past life’s challenges and get closer to their aspirations. He loves to play several roles of a confidante, mentor and friend and follow a step-wise approach to heal people; empowering them to pursue their dreams free from past baggage.